Replacement Nameplates

If you already have the aluminium wall frames and just need a replacement nameplates you can order them here for any of our slide in Wall or Desk aluminium framed namebars.

Please measure the size of your existing nameplates carefully before ordering.

If you order the wrong size we cannot change it as the marking on these plates is permanent.

Please contact us directly if you need nameplates made in a special size not appearing below.


34.5mm Nameplates

These suit the following frames:
38mm SAE3 wall namebar
38mm SAE5 desk namebar

47.5mm Nameplates

These suit the following frames:
50mm SAE4 wall namebar

37.5mm Nameplates

These suit the following frames:
40mm C40 Deluxe wall namebar

57mm Nameplates

These suit the following frames:
60mm C60 Deluxe wall namebar

37mm Nameplates

These suit our Premium desk bars

51mm Nameplates

These suit our Gold wall & door frames

38mm Name Bar Parts

Standard SAE3
38mm frames &
blank inserts

Aluminium Desk Bar Frames