Stainless Steel memorial plaque on a stand

Pet Memorial Plaques

to remember someone extra special....

Affordably priced pet memorial plaques. Can be engraved for all animals including cats, dogs, birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats, etc...

No need to deal with a middle man. All artwork setup and engraving is done in our shop so we're able to offer you the best prices without compromise in quality and fast turnaround times on orders as you're be dealing directly with the person making your plaque. 

We make our pet memorial plaques from the same materials that are used in our commercial sign production. This means your pet memorial plaques are made with the best quality materials suitable for outdoor placement and will last for years to come. 


Small Paw Print Plate

Black Aluminium
100mm x 50mm

Small Memorial Plate

100mm x 50mm
Various Themes + Stands

Stainless Steel Plaque

* 3 sizes *
Various Themes + Stands

Small Slate Plaque

200mm x 100mm
Various Themes

Black Granite Square

153mm x 153mm

Black Granite Circle

150mm x 150mm

Black Granite Oval

175mm x 125mm

Black Granite Heart

125mm x 125mm

Large Slate Plaque

300mm x 200mm
Various Themes

Stainless Steel on Granite

175mm x 125mm

Gold Metal on Granite

175mm x 125mm

Aluminium Photo Plaque

175mm x 95mm

New Product

Photo Plaque on Stand

135mm x 75mm

Granite Photo Circle

150mm x 150mm

2 sizes

Granite Photo Plaque

Black Granite
* 2 sizes *

White Terrazzo Photo Plaque

300mm x 150mm