Rosewood gavel and soundblock set

Rosewood Gavel

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Rosewood gavel set

Quality imported rosewood gavel set with a luxurious deep gloss finish. These gavels look very distinguished. Ideal as a gift or special award. While these are a fully functional gavel, we don't recommend them for regular use in meetings as this could scratch or chip the high gloss finish. We can engrave a name or short message on the gold band

This set includes the gavel and soundblock supplied in a plain box. We can also supply this gavel set in a gift box if desired. 


Extra Options:
* Engraving on top of the soundblock: $33.00 extra
* Black gift box:                                    $19.80 extra
* Timber presentation case:                 $88.00 extra

To Purchase Options: Please email us directly to purchase this gavel with any of these extra options rather than using the Buy Now button as we may need to get extra details from you to complete the order.



Please note: As these gavels are a natural timber product variations in the wood grain and colour may vary from these photos. 

We can also supply this gavel set in a black gift box or a very nice timber display case.

Gavel set in black gift box 

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